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(no subject)
i had a nightmare last night, that alana's boyfriend stole sfb's identity. he found my livejournal on the internet and somehow discovered his email address and stole his passwords and stuff and all the comments that i thought were from sfb, and any emails or conversations i'd had with him online, they were all actually her boyfriend, with his identity. he said he was going to use everything he knew about me against me. he said he would tell the world so they hated me. but then he told me that he had a change of heart, and it would just stay between us, and he smiled. i asked him if sfb every even existed, and then i woke up and i was late for class and confused. i kept thinking that he knew. it took half the day for that to wear off.

i went to my first class a little late. i have a midterm friday and i haven't started studying yet, but it shouldn't be so bad, as long as i can talk myself into doing it tomorrow.

i came back and played gran turismo 3 with alana for a little bit. it bothers me that you can't (or at least i can't figure out how to) control how loud the sound effects are vs. how loud the music is. you have to turn off the sound effects to hear the music, and i wish you could just turn them down.

i showed up for my next class ontime, and he said nothing about the midterm. i guess i have to wait til friday to find out... and molly and i decided to skip out of the next class because there was no quiz and the lecture is boring.

i did homework for an hour and a half. i'm not making that up-i really did. no goofing off or anything, i actually concentrated on homework for that long!

then me and molly went to work. terrie was supposed to have the day off, but jp called off so terrie came in. marie was there and when i went up for a drawer, she announced that i was here, and then came over and traced her thumb over my cheek. what does that mean?

marie and i were supposed to get off work at the same time. i knew if i asked matt, i would be able to stay longer and help the night crew, but by doing that, i would pass up a chance to be alone in the break room with marie. i haven't gotten to be in there with her forever... that's when she always used to hug me and wrestle me and touch me... i know i said my life revolves around money, but i think it's more like money, cash, hoes, and it was the ho's turn. i decided i wouldn't ask him. molly would stay and i would go frustrate myself with marie. unfortunately, michelle called me over the intercom to ask if i could please stay later as a cashier... how do you say no to that, especially when she knows i'm doing nothing tomorrow but working at noon? so i said i would, and i watched marie clock out and it hurt. i want her.

there was a gallon of milk and some cheese sitting out. it was kind of cold, but i didn't know if it was still good because i can't ever tell. i always have to ask my mom. so i looked around for the most mom-looking person, and the only free people were terrie and kelly. (technically, since kelly's pregnant and terrie hasn't ever been, kelly's more of a mom.) but in my mind, terrie is the mom, so i went over to her and held out the milk. she was looking the other way, so i asked, 'touch this?'
she looked up, startled, and then figured out what i was talking about, and started laughing. i was a bit embarrassed, thinking of all the things i could have been asking her to touch.... she touched the milk, said it was fine, and was still laughing at me when i got back from putting it away.

there was a balloon on the ceiling, and there was a long ribbon hanging from it. it was about 4 feet above my outstretched hand, and i felt like i should be able to jump and grab it, but i really couldn't even come close. if i hadn't noticed it, i would have been fine, but once i noticed it once, i couldn't stop. it drove me crazy. i needed to get that stupid balloon down. my first plan was to make a big wad of tape and throw it at the balloon, because if i got enough tape, it would weigh the balloon down, and it would sink back to the ground. it took way too many tries to hit the balloon with the tape, and it took many more tries to get the tape to stick. when it finally did, it wasn't heavy enough, and the balloon stayed up there, with a big wad of tape stuck to it. so i rang up a few customers while i came up with plan b. i went and got another balloon, with one of those sand bag things on the bottom of it so it wouldn't float anywhere. i rolled up a few tape loops, and stuck them to both sides of the balloon. then i held onto the sandbag and put my hand all the way up, so the balloon in my hand could easily touch the string of the balloon on the ceiling. it reminded me a little of fishing, only upside down. this was difficult, too. it was hard to make the tape touch that tiny little string, and it was even harder to make it a solid enough touch that it would stick. i finally got it to stick, a little, but when it was almost within my reach, it slipped, but i quickly jumped up and grabbed it. i was so excited that i finally got it that my 7-year-old jumped up in the air and exclaimed, 'yeeah!' terrie, jane, and molly were all staring at me. molly told me that was a creative way to retrieve that balloon. i don't think terrie and jane agreed.

bur really, besides laughing at me, terrie was fine, and not evil at all.

since i had already missed marie, i went and asked matt if i could stay, and he said yes, so i managed to make up all the hours i missed by going home sick on monday.

when we got home from work, molly went over to aaron's, and she's been talking to me on instant messanger ever since... what kind of a relationship do they have? i guess i shouldn't be complaining. i wouldn't her to turn all posessive and obsessed with him...

i have to go to bed.

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I am the Small Faced Boy!


It's me (no really!) You've nothing to worry about, I am me and nobody else :) Let's be honest, if I was going to go to all the trouble of faking an online persona, surely I'd choose a better looking pic for my profile? ;)

Take care, and I'll ttyl,

Re: I am the Small Faced Boy!

oh, that's right, i forgot about that scary picture... that, and he would never think to show himself with a mushroom as his head...

(and you looked perfectly fine in that picture. you looked... i forget, some word that starts with a 'c' and was in my head a minute ago. and now it's completely gone... oh well, i'll remember it later, i'm sure.)

Re: I am the Small Faced Boy!


Re: I am the Small Faced Boy!

As an orange, eh?

Cheers for that :)


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